Stakeholder Workshop, 16.06.2009, Santander (ES)

For the workshop in Santander several experts were invited to provide input on different aspects related to the projects topic to the participants:

The applicability of frameworks for lifelong learning. Results of investigations within the project Ways to sustainability (Klaus Ruth, Universität Bremen, Institut für Technik und Bildung)

Credit Systems in the UK: Expectations and Experiences (Paul Burnand, UK Commission for Employment and Skills)

EQF and national frameworks. The example of Spain (José Luís García Molina, Instituto de las Cualificaciones, Madrid)

The relationship between competence frameworks and qualification frameworks. The example of the ICT sector (Terry Hook, e-Skills UK )

The reference objective approach of describing occupational profiles. Results of work carried out within the project EASCMF and CarEasyVET (Gerald Thiel, DEKRA Akademie)

Perspectives of using the EQF in the future (Artur Schneeberger, Institut für Bildungsforschung der Wirtschaft, Vienna)

Jose Garcia Molina
Paul Bernand
Klaus Ruth
Gerald Thiel