VETAS - Vocational Education and Training in the Automotive Sector

The 1st VETAS Network Conference took place:

European VETAS Network conference
on 09/10 May 2011,
at Museum Autoworld, Brussels (BE)

Today’s automotive sector is characterized by continual technical innovation, changing market requirements and work organisation, and consequently constantly changing qualification requirements. It demands a lot of flexibility and creativity to cover the needs of this ever-changing world of work, or, in other words, we need the ability to cope with complex and changing work requirements.

The 1st VETAS network conference aimed to stimulate discussion and sharing among various vocational education and training (VET) key players - such as enterprises, their HRD departments and employees, social partners, providers of training and education, as well as public authorities – in their efforts to cope with the challenges that result from technical innovation, globalization and changing market requirements.

About 50 participants from all over Europe, the US and Russia followed the consortiums invitation to participate in this 1st VETAS network conference and even more are making use of the other VETAS network facilities such as the VETAS portal and community with its various offers and the VETAS conference newsletter .

The VETAS project consortium very much thanks all speakers and participants for their contribution to the success of this 1st VETAS Network Conference in Brussels in May 2011.

See you at the 2nd VETAS network conference!
Further information will follow soon.

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